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The best engine and exhaust components in the industry for the new Polaris 850 twin.

We had our products ready in 2018 before the sleds hit the showrooms.

126 MPH in 1500 ft! 114 mph in 1000 ft, and 105 mph in 660ft with Terra Alps 850 full performance kit with big wheel kit and drivers. Pump gas!


850 PERFORMANCE KITS - We have a wide range of tuning for the 850. We have a Power Commander tune for your stock sled with stock exhaust and for a pipe mod. Then can step it up with porting.

Also have reflash capabilities to get better running conditions and HP gains.

Stock pipe mod, billet head, and ecm reflash or PCV $1350 cdn.

This kit RIPS! gets the 850 working like it should, better throttle response and noticeable acceleration and top end charge!

 gained 6 mph on top end with RMK 155 850.

Clutching is needed as were making POWER! Clutching available.

Primary clutch weights, springs and helix.

We tested with just adding weight to primary clutch and also seen more gains with our custom helix.

Want more? add porting and high flow Y pipe $2199 cdn.

Porting $700 cdn or $490 us approx. get Some airflow going thru your engine and make HP

Case porting recommended with cylinder porting $200


We have 4 years on the Terra Alps 909 Big bore! Already proven in our 800 AXYS bigbore stroker kit. 190+ hp.


TERRA ALPS RACING 929 BIGBORE, you wanted something bigger, thats what we thought! 

Kit includes boring, weld and modify, porting and replating your cylinder, kit comes with 2 piston kits, billet head with domes  to run pump gas at your riding area, exhaust valves get machined for proper opertion.

Send in your cylinder and exhaust valves complete. $2995 cdn. or $2100 us approx.

High flow Y pipe $299 recommended

Stock pipe mod $299 recommended  or Single pipe $699 cdn.

ECM reflash $600 cdn.

Power commander 5 fuel controller $599 cdn.


Billet head with interchangeable domes, gain up to 7 hp. Gained 250-300 rpm in testing over stock head with our pipe mod. $549 cdn. or $420 us approx.

Multiple Compression ratios available for your riding area with pump gas, high elevation riding, race set up and turbos.

Set up for your 850's timing curve and exhaust pipe.


High flow Y pipe $299 cdn. or $225 us. High flow for our big bore kits.


Single Pipe $695 cdn.

with muffler $995 cdn.

Stock pipe mod, gain top end HP and no fade on long pulls without losing mid range power like other pipe mods. $299 cdn.

Send in stock pipe with heat shield is ok. We will put it back on.


Mufflers - Narly lightweight and highflow for our bigbore kits that need to flow more cfm. $359 cdn.

Mtn Narly edition Deep Raunchy sound, but not ear bleeding saves over 10 lbs $359 cdn. or $260 us approx.

Quiet Muffler just little louder then stock but deeper throatier sounding. $359 cdn. or $265 us approx.

Stock 850 muffler is 16 lbs.

Cooking Muff pots available on Mufflers on request. $79.95


Twin pipes $1499 cdn. when we have time, when its slow.

Custom for our bigbores and our best clients.